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Vision, values and ethos

We aim to ensure that every child leaves Sacriston Academy excited about learning and determined to succeed. We want to equip each child with confidence, resilience and the social skills necessary to become aspirational citizens of a changing world.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a high quality, personalised education for every child.

Our pursuit of excellence is to be reflected in every aspect of our schools’ work and provide every child with solid foundations to be used as a spring board for future success.

For our children to reach exceptionally high standards in their work and their personal development to be outstanding.

For all children and staff to work in a harmonious, calm and purposeful atmosphere to reach these goals.

To closely work with parents and carers to ensure their understanding and support in all we aim to achieve.

To be a wonderful school where:
  • children’s experiences provide them with lifelong positive memories of education.
  • every member of our school family, to which we all belong, feels they have a part to play and that contributions by all are valued.
  • all staff place a high priority on ensuring that children enjoy school and our school is filled with smiling faces.
  • the highest quality care, guidance and support is given to our children.
  • staff work closely together, sharing a commitment to providing the best possible academic and social outcomes for children in our care.
  • we help children to develop into happy, responsible citizens, respecting our world and all in it.
  • we actively listen to the voices of our parents, children and the community.
Going the extra mile

Our school makes a difference because we are committed to going the extra mile. We will:

  • support the academic and pastoral needs of our whole school family.
  • work in harmony to develop the skills necessary to enjoy a lifelong love of learning.
  • provide a rich and relevant curriculum designed to make learning irresistible to everyone.
  • ensure that all children are confident and achieve their potential in the core skills of language, literacy, mathematics and computing.
  • develop aspirational citizens of a diverse and changing world who are able and willing to make a positive contribution to it.
  • strive to be the best that we can be!