Sacriston Academy main school

Year 1/2

We are very excited about the topics we will cover in Year 1/2 this year as they will provide the children with lots of engaging and hands on experiences.

English lessons take place daily and the children will learn to produce more detailed pieces of writing. They will learn to include - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, neat handwriting and conjunctions. Children will become more confident in writing in different styles and checking their writing at the end of the lesson. Children are encouraged to use their RWI skills when spelling words in their writing and also when spelling unfamiliar words. Using exciting vocabulary is very important and we always collect a range of words that we can use in our writing each week.

Read Write Inc is our daily phonics program where the children work in small groups to practise their blending of sounds, reading of tricky words and spelling rules with the help of Fred Frog. They also use their knowledge of sounds and blending to read ‘nonsense’ words. As well as this, they are given the opportunity to use the weekly text to develop their comprehension skills. 

In maths, we use the ‘Maths No Problem’ method which enables children to become more confident in using maths as it follows the same pattern every day. The children are given the opportunity to explore maths questions using their resources, share with others and then try some questions for themselves. They are challenged daily with maths problems and being able to explain their answer using the correct vocabulary. Each lesson, a child is awarded with ‘Mathematician of the Day’ which they get very excited about!  

In both English and maths, children are given feedback and support where needed, as well as the opportunity to make improvements to their work. We believe that this is a huge part of the children’s learning and moving forward. 

What their teacher says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Year 1 children this year and have been thrilled with their progress already. The children have shown me how committed they are to their learning and how mature they have become as they continue their journey through Key Stage 1.
Mrs Bell

What their teacher says:

I love working with our children as seeing them grow and develop each day provides rewards that are offered in no other career. I strive to provide an environment which encourages every child to flourish.
Mrs Taylor

What the children say:

"I like Year 1 because I like my new classroom and it has a garden centre." (Sophie) "I like my new classroom and people are kind to us." (Vinni) "I like our new maths work and I enjoyed going on an autumn walk." (Joe)

Summer term

We are very excited about our new topic ‘Moon Zoom’ this half term as we travel through space to learn about the Solar System. We will investigate an alien crash site, make missing posters to try and locate the aliens who have landed in our school! Where could they be? We will make models of the Solar System and design and make our own spaceships and space buggies.

Books and photographs will help us to learn about the first lunar landing and the astronauts who venture into space.  We will develop our creative skills by using clay to make models of aliens and compose space sounds using musical instruments. In addition to this, we will explore satellite images, investigate rockets and use ICT to communicate our ideas and present our work. 

We also have an educational visit to The Centre For Life planned where we will be taking part in a ‘Destination Space workshop’ The children will be able to explore the materials needed to make a spacesuit and learn facts about space. It will be out of this world!

In PE we will be working with a specialist dance coach from the company ‘Happy Feet’ to help develop our co-ordination and creative skills. We can’t wait to get out boogie on and learn some fun routines!

In science, we will be embracing spring and planting our own sunflowers. We wonder who will grow the tallest one? The children will also be exploring The Discovery Museum to learn about scientific investigations and make things happen!

In RE we will be learning about Sikhism, where we will look closely at the naming celebration known as Naam Karan. We will welcome a special visitor from the Sikhism centre called Cloud who will give us a greater insight into the beliefs and life as a Sikh.