Year 5 learn about the Easter story

Date Published:
Thursday 28 March 2019

On Monday, Year 5 pupils were lucky enough to visit Sacriston Methodist Church to learn about and celebrate the story of Easter.

When they arrived, pupils were amazed to hear that they would be learning by travelling through the story and taking part in different activities. At first, pupils were all given newspaper palm leaves and shouted 'Hosana'.

They then made their way into a gazebo and were surprised to find the last supper. Pupils all sat and discussed why certain foods were chosen and even had the chance to try some unleavened bread and grapes! 

After the food, Year 5 made their way to the 'Garden of Gethsemane' and discovered that this is where Jesus went with Peter, James and John to pray before he was betrayed by Judas.

The pupils discussed the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus, and why we give chocolate eggs at Easter.

Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the church volunteers commented on our excellent behaviour!

Thank you to Sacriston Church for this experience and for the juice and biscuits!