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In reception, children learn using many different learning styles: visual resources, sensory objects and through play. 

In maths, children learn to count, to add and take away numbers and explore patterns and shape. The children will develop their reading skills during our Read, Write, Inc sessions and will begin to learn to write, with a focus on forming letters correctly. We believe in following the interests of our children and they will have the opportunity to explore a range of exciting topics throughout the school year.

What their teacher says:

We love working with our Reception children and experiencing their excitement as they learn. We love to see how proud each child is of their accomplishments, especially as they begin to read and write their first words.
Miss Bradford and Mrs Jones (TA)
Sacriston Academy music

What the children say:

"I like the reading area because I like to read. My favourite is Dinosaur Café." - Seth "I like the writing area and drawing trains." - Sophie B "I like the computer because I like to play on the games." - Sophie S

Recent topics

Will you read me a story?

We'll be using a range of language linked to our favourite stories this half term as we read a variety of traditional tales. We'll be taking on the role of the Three Little Pigs and the Big, Bad Wolf at our new small world table and we will use our growing knowledge of the story to create and label story maps. We will explore size as we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we will consider good hygiene as we make our own porridge. We will think carefully in our workshop as we create bridges for the water tray - will the Three Billy Goat's be able to cross safely?

Nocturnal animals

After reading the story ‘Owl Babies’ we were keen to find out more about nocturnal animals. We were introduced to non-fiction books and were fascinated to find out that some owls live in the snow and some owls live in the desert. We experimented with new tools and equipment in our workshop area, using split pins to create bats with wings that move.

Are we there yet?

Following our keen interest in transport, this half term we will be looking at different types of vehicles! As part of this we will explore road safety and the importance of a lollipop person, zebra crossing and pelican crossing. We will investigate floating and sinking in our water tray as we create our very own boats in the workshop area and we are very excited to set up a train station role play area too!