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Reception is a busy year with lots to do and lots to learn!

Our children take part in daily phonics lessons following the Read Write Inc scheme. During this time, the children learn to read and write new sounds with the help of Fred Frog, creating the foundation for our children to start their journey into becoming brilliant writers!

In Reception, we are focusing on using our sounds to form individual words before building up to writing sentences. To achieve this, we carry out daily English lessons. These lessons are based on fun and stimulating books to engage the children in their learning. During these sessions, the children will learn basic grammar and punctuation, such as how to use capital letters and full stops correctly as well as letter formation and how to apply their phonetic knowledge to writing words.

In mathematics, the children are focusing on one number a week, ensuring that they have an in-depth understanding of the different numbers and how they relate to one another. We start with the numbers 0-10 before moving onto two-digit numbers when we are ready to do so. As well as this, we also investigate shape, space and measures to allow the pupils to experience a wide range of maths.

What their teacher says:

I love working with reception as they start their journey in education! It is an exciting year where the pupils are able to explore, experiment and learn through a mixture of play and structured learning activities. I enjoy seeing their progress and their excitement when they accomplish something new.
Miss Watson
Sacriston Academy music

What our pupils say:

"I like reading books in our book area and building rockets in the block area" (Grace) "I like learning special friend words in Read Write Inc" (Katie) "I like writing in the writing area" (Jacob) "I like using the numicons in maths" (Lily)

Summer term

We begin summer term with our topic ‘We’re all going on a Summer Holiday!’ where the pupils will learn about travel and the different parts of the world, about the four seasons and different types of weather and how to stay safe in the sun.

We will also be exploring materials this half term when we will be conducting scientific experiments to find out what the best material is to make our own miniature boats! We then move onto our ‘Down on the Farm’ topic where we will be learning all about different types of food, where our food comes from and how to make healthy choices and eat a balanced diet.

We are even going to plant and grow our own plants and will learn about what a plant needs to grow and be healthy. We look forward to observing our plants over time and recording our findings.

We will also be learning about different animals that live on a farm including their life cycle and their body parts.