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Reception is a busy year with lots to do and lots to learn!

Reception is the exciting start of a child's education. During this year the children will learn through play and opportunities to investigate learning. At this age the children start to develop the understanding of key communication skills as well as developing more social relationships with their peers and adults in the environment. 

Our aim in Reception is to teach our children our key school values and skills such as resilience to make them confident and happy learners. Within our daily timetable the children will have Read Write Inc sessions to support their learning of letter sounds which will enable their learning of early reading skills. Our writing will link to shared books and interests of the children throughout the year. 

In mathematics, the children are focusing on one number a week, ensuring that they have an in-depth understanding of the different numbers and how they relate to one another. We start with the numbers 0-10 so that the children have a solid understanding of what each number means, how it can be represented and how it links to other numbers. As well as this, we also investigate shape, space and measures to allow the pupils to experience a wide range of maths. 

On behalf of all the team at Sacriston Academy, may we take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to our school.  It is both our aim and passion to offer excellence for each child, every day.  

During these unprecedented times, we are unfortunately unable to offer any transition visits to our Early Year provision in the summer term. However, we wanted to ensure you were well supported in preparing your child, so our EYFS team have filmed an amazing virtual tour, that I am sure you will enjoy. 


Sharing this video with your child will allow them to see our magnificent Nursery and Reception classrooms, as well as our fabulous new outdoor provision. If you have any queries or concerns,  please do not hesitate to email us at and we will speak with you as soon as possible.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy your tour.  We look forward to welcoming you all to school soon, we know you will be Sacriston Stars!

Mrs A. Bartlett


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What their teacher says:

I am so proud of how our Reception children have settled into school and I love to see how much our children enjoy their learning.
Mrs Brand
Sacriston Academy music

What the children say:

I like to play in the home corner and build with the blocks and construction area (Damon). I like to play in the kitchen and make pizza with Ellie my twin (Lukas Z). My favourite is the building area and playing with all the toys (Jessie).

The autumn term

Our exciting first topic is called 'Magical Me'. We start this year learning all about each other and making lots of great, new friends. During our first few weeks, we will focus on the importance of our school rules and how to keep us all safe and happy in our amazing EYFS environment. Another important focus that will continue throughout the year, is the importance of handwashing and good hygiene in our daily routine. 

Our second half term goes on a journey for 'Are we nearly there yet?'. We will take an adventure by flying high up into the air and riding on the open Sacriston Road. During this topic, we will read lots about transport and journeys, in fiction and non-fiction books, including 'We're going on a bear hunt'. 

During this term, the children will be beginning phonics and this will continue daily as they learn new sounds. After each phonic session, the children get a sticker to show their new sound which they can continue to practice at home. 

In maths this term, our Reception children will be focusing on numbers. This will be underpinned with counting, using addition and subtraction when sorting into groups and comparing groups of objects. The children will be focusing on the numbers 0-5 and what numbers look like in real-life context. Even the rhymes that we sing, help our children learn their knowledge of numbers throughout the day.