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Year 4

Children in Year 4 will be taught using the Cornerstones Curriculum, which is topic based and links together all the foundation subjects. Our first topic in Year 4 is ‘potions’, although this is mainly science based, we also link it to history, art, design and technology and PE.

In mathematics, we are using the White Rose Hub scheme to aim towards mastery in mathematics. The children will solve problems and learn how mathematics is used in real life contexts. They will continue to improve their mental mathematics skills and calculate more quickly and accurately in their heads.

Our English is taught using a text, which we use as a stimulus for our writing. The children will write a variety of text types, including fiction and non-fiction. They will write, using these text types, in their topic work to further develop their skills as proficient writers. The children will also learn how to develop their vocabulary and grammar to make their writing interesting.

In reading, we are using Accelerated Reader. The children will read at least one book a week and take a quiz based on this to demonstrate their comprehension skills.

Every week, we will be learning to play the cornet and are hoping to showcase our skill in this instrument throughout the year.

What their teacher says:

My class are lovely. They work hard and are always eager to learn. I enjoy listening to their conversations about the things that we are learning in class.
Mrs Hawman
Sacriston Academy main school
Sacriston Academy main school

What the children say:

"I have enjoyed music and learning to play the cornet." - Ben "I have enjoyed spending time with my new teacher and friends. I am looking forward to seeing Ms Inkster around school." - Charlie

What's happening this term?


This half term our topic is 'playlist'. This topic is music and science based and we will be learning about how sounds are made and different types of music. As part of this topic, we will be composing our own song. We will also be considering the effect that music has on us and how it can influence our emotions. It also links to our science topic of 'sound', where we will investigate how to make different sounds and look at the ear in detail. 


In Mathematics, we are continuing to use the White Rose Maths Hub. This half term we are focusing on fractions and decimals. We will be looking at how these are used in real life to develop our understanding. We will continue to apply our knowledge to help us to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills.


In English, we will use a mixture of media and texts as a stimulus for writing and to build our comprehension skills. We will be writing a variety of text types including poetry. Accelerated Reader will continue to be used to develop our comprehension skills. We will continue to read our books daily and quiz at least once a week to achieve our target.

  • Year 4 build ships!
  • Year 4 build ships!
  • Year 4 build ships!
  • Year 4 build ships!