Sacriston Academy main school

Year 4

Our fantastic Year 4 topics cover a wealth of exciting learning journeys that the children will love to engage in.

Firstly, the children will take a journey to America as we learn through ‘Road Trip USA’. The next half term takes a wizardly twist as we test out strange concoctions in our ‘Potions’ topic. We will look back over history later in the year with our topics of ‘Traders and Raiders’ and ‘1066’. With a science focus in ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ and a music focus in ‘Playlist’…What isn’t to like!

Mathematics is taught using the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme, which embraces the love for practical learning. From this, the children will see themselves as mathematicians and can apply their skills more readily in reasoning and problem-solving. Each lesson has many parts, allowing the children time to discuss and develop methods and skills to solve questions. This development results in a greater depth of mathematical understanding and ability to reason with their methods.

English will be taught in a number of strands that marry together in the children’s writing. Each week the children will be given spellings that support their learning within English at a Year 4 level. During the week, the children will have discrete grammar and punctuation lessons that they can apply in their writing. Engaging stimuli from our topic, or topic-based texts, are used to create writing genres for the children to apply their skills in a real life context.

Reading in Year 4 is taught daily to focus on deepening their reading understanding. A range of stimuli will be used to engage the children to apply their reading skills, such as inference, deduction and justifying their answers or opinions. All children in Key Stage 2 read for 20 minutes a day and have the opportunity to quiz on their book and change their book based on their achieved level.

What their teacher says:

I am looking forward to teaching this fantastic class in Year 4! This year children will develop even more independence and problem solving skills. We have a fun filled year planned, with the opportunity to create exciting practical experiments and learn outside of the classroom.
Mrs Brand

What our children say:

"I feel safe at Sacriston Academy because there are always adults there to help" (Emily) "Learning is always fun with Maths- No Problem because we get to use the equipment." (Lexi) "The changes to our school will let us have more fun - I never expected the MUGA to be that big!" (Annabelle)

Spring and summer term

We started the Spring half term looking at the exciting topic of Traders and Raiders. This history topic delved into the invasion of Britain by the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. The children have loved learning about the characteristics of both the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings and how they shaped our history. The children have loved getting practical in their learning when they made their own Anglo Saxon longhouses and beaded jewellery. 

During writing this half term, the children have written amazing narrative stories based on a Viking warrior. Using prepositions and adverbs, they have written exciting flashback stories expressing the historic lifestyle of Vikings. To finish this half term the children wrote exciting newspaper articles on an invasion of dragons at Sacriston Academy.

In Mathematics, we have been using written methods for division and applying these to word problems. Recently our maths topic has been fractions. During the last few weeks we have been learning to simplify fractions, add and subtract fractions, to name just a few of our learning strands. 

Looking forward to next half term, Year 4’s topic will be Burps, Bottoms and Bile! This science topic focuses on the importance of looking after our bodies and the journey through our digestive system. Year 4 are looking forward to an exciting trip to the Life Centre in Newcastle to learn all about Teeth and Digestion in March. 

In Maths No Problem we will be enjoying learning through the topic of Time and finish next term looking at the importance of decimals. As always, these topics will link and build on prior topics and use practical resources to underpin the crucial mathematical understanding. Each topic pushes the children into a deeper level of reasoning and problem solving to strengthen understanding. 

Other aspects of the curriculum, which do not form part of the topic/theme are also taught as separate subjects. In Year 4 the children will continue to have music lessons on a Tuesday with Mr Wilkinson, who teaches the children brass. Our RE focus this next half term will be on Easter within the Christian calendar and religion.