Sacriston Academy classroom

Year 6

Year 6 is a busy year in primary school with lots to cover in the run up to SATs. We aim to teach everything in a way that will inspire and excite our children; enabling them to succeed.

In English, we are developing both our writing and reading skills using the Harry Potter books as a stimulus.

In maths, we complete units on place value, the four operations, fractions, decimals and percentages before moving onto shape and space. Reasoning and problem solving skills will also be developed throughout the course of the year.

What the children say:

“I am enjoying learning new topics” - Hallie “Year 6 has started well, and I feel happy with the work I am doing” - Sarah-Jane
  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom

What their teacher says:

My Year 6 class are hardworking and conscientious and they try hard to produce high standard work. They are determined individuals who are striving to be the best they can. I enjoy teaching as I love seeing children make progress and develop into individuals with their own personalities.
Mrs Parkin

What's happening this term?

Tomorrow’s World

Our topic this half term is an exciting, computing one called ‘Tomorrow’s World' which is all technology and how it has developed and how it will continue to develop into the future.  We will study the pioneers behind a variety of technological advancements as well as consider how computing and technology shape our lives as we know them.


In RE we will look at the Buddhist celebration of Parinirvana. We look at why these celebrations are so important to the Buddhist community and consider how different religions celebrate life after death.