Sacriston Academy classroom

Year 6

As always, Year 6 is a busy year with lots to do in the run up to SATS.

In mathematics, we use ‘Maths No Problem’. This scheme develops and builds upon the children’s mathematical skills alongside their thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Lessons provide children with time to discuss and develop a range of methods to solve questions and subsequently achieve a greater depth of mathematical understanding.

A wide range of stimulating visual stimuli and engaging texts are used to teach English. Sharing texts including poetry, fiction and non-fiction books which provides rich stimuli for children to develop their own writing styles using their own imagination. Alongside developing their writing skills, pupils will also develop their skills in spelling and grammar.

Reading is taught using a range of texts and stimuli. Books, images and video clips are used with the children to develop a range of skills required as a reader. Discussion, as well as carefully structured questions, allow children to think about why texts are structured in particular ways, how and why writers make specific language choices and to encourage children to use their inference skills to ‘read between the lines’. 

Children are also given time each day to ‘Read and Relax’ where time is spent reading an ‘Accelerated Reading’ book at their level and then quizzing on this book to show their understanding of the text.

  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom

What the teacher says:

Our class is full of unique, enthusiastic children who have a thirst for knowledge and learning. We look out for each other and demonstrate what it means to be a Sacriston Star on a daily basis through our kindness and compassion
Miss Towers

The autumn term

Year 6 will be travelling back in time as we study our topic 'A child's war'. We will consider WW2 from a child's perspective and learn about evacuation, rationing and how day to day life was different to now. In science, we will start the year by studying 'light' and developing our scientific skills along the way. 

What the children say:

I am really looking forward to studying our new topics (Alex). I can't wait to make lots more memories in my final year of primary school (George). Our classroom is bright and colourful. It is the perfect place to learn (Paige).