Sacriston Academy classroom

Year 5

The children will be taught using a topic based scheme called Cornerstones that links together all the foundation subjects across the year.

In mathematics, we use the White Rose Hub scheme which aims for mastery in mathematics. The children solve problems and learn how mathematics is used in real life contexts. They will continue to improve their mental mathematics skills over the year so they can calculate quicker and more accurately in their heads.

English is mainly taught using a class text, which we use as a stimulus for our writing. The children will write a variety of text types, including fiction and non-fiction. They will write, using these text types, in their topic work to further develop their skills as proficient writers. In these lessons, the children will also learn how to develop their vocabulary and grammar to make their writing more interesting.

In reading, we will continue to use Accelerated Reader. The children will endeavour to read at least one book a fortnight and then take a quiz based on this to demonstrate their understanding and comprehension skills.

What the children say:

"I enjoy maths because it helps you to understand calculations without a calculator and sometimes we work together as a team which is fun." (Anna) "I like school because we get to do fun activities on our homework and use our imagination." (Jimmy)
  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom

What their teacher says:

I am really looking forward to working with Year 5 for the rest of the school year. I am particularly excited to watch them grow and succeed over the year. My aim is to inspire, motivate and ensure all children enjoy their learning and become the best that they can be.
Mrs Parks

What's happening this term?

Peasants, princes and pestilence

Our topic this half term is ‘peasants, princes and pestilence’. The main focus of the topic is history where we will be finding out about the gruesome but fascinating ‘Black Death’, how it travelled to our country and the effect it had. We will find out about the symptoms of the disease and how so many people caught the terrible germ. This will be linked to geography where we will discover how it spread across the world.

We will be finding out facts about what life was like as a peasant and a prince and comparing the two ways of life as well as discovering what it would be like to be a knight in medieval times.


In science we will be conducting an investigation that looks at different surfaces such as computer keys, door handles and desk tops which we will swab and see which grows the most bacteria!

Patterns and shapes

Using patterns and shapes to decorate, we will be designing our own shield, creating our own printing blocks and having a go at calligraphy.