Sacriston Academy classroom

Year 5

We have many exciting topics planned throughout for Year 5 pupils this year.

We are starting the year with a historical based topic, the Tudors – ‘Off with her head’. The following term we will be focusing on the topic ‘Alchemy Island’. After that, we will be travelling back in time studying ‘Time traveller’ and then off to the stars in ‘Stargazers’. In the summer term, we will be learning all about insects and the outdoors in ‘Allotment’ and ‘Beast creator’. Each topic covers a wide variety of different national curriculum objectives, taught in an imaginative and creative way.

Our new maths scheme, ‘Maths No Problem’ is a real hands-on approach to maths, with children using practical equipment to represent, replicate and solve problems. With a variety of different stages to the lessons, the children are able to develop a wide range of skills, including the ability to achieve a greater understanding of maths.

English lessons are based around rich and engaging texts covering a wide range of genres. Through the study of such genres, the children will gain an invaluable collection of skills to embed within their own writing. This foundation, alongside regular grammar, spelling and handwriting lessons, is the perfect combination to further enhance English skills and knowledge. 

Reading at Sacriston Academy is focused upon the individual child. Each child in Year 5 will receive a reading book which will be matched to their ability. From this, the children will gain a deeper understanding of the texts. Reading lessons will also be taught to enhance skills such as vocabulary.

  • Sacriston Academy classroom
  • Sacriston Academy classroom

What their teacher says:

I’m very excited to start my journey at Sacriston Academy with such a hard-working class. I can’t wait to see enthusiasm and creativity shine within the classroom.
Miss Paul

What our pupils say...

"I like school - the teachers make learning fun." (Anthony) "I only started Year 5 on Tuesday and it is great. The classroom is spacious and the displays are colourful." (Lily) "I like Year 5 because everyone helps each other. I'm really looking forward to using the maths equipment in lessons." (Lucas)