Sacriston Academy art


Children in Nursery learn through the things they enjoy doing: play and their own personal interests.

We believe in following the interests of children so that they engage fully in their learning and we explore a range of themes and topics based on children’s interests. The children will develop listening and communication skills through a range of fun and lively phonics activities and will explore mathematics through play based activities, nursery rhymes and counting games. 

What their teacher says:

We love working with our nursery children and seeing the progress they make every day. We enjoy working with the children to develop their relationships, confidence and their love of learning.
Miss French and Mrs Wire (TA)
Sacriston Academy art

What the children say:

“I love the block area. I like to build space rockets.” - Jacob “I like the writing area. I love to draw fairy houses.” - Ellie “I like the house. I like to have tea parties.” -Lily

What's happening this term?

Can we explore it?

This half term, our topic is 'Can we explore it?' that captures children’s natural curiosity about this world around them, from the smallest holes and hiding spaces to great adventures in far away places.


We have also opened our very own café and shop! The children have enjoyed developing their counting skills and writing shopping lists for their friends.