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Children in nursery learn through exciting and engaging activities, which are planned to motivate and inspire young learners through their own interests and enjoyments.

We believe children learn quickly and animatedly when they are able to follow their own joys and passions. We encourage our children to be independent learners and to believe in themselves and each other.

Children's communication and language skills underpin everything that they go on to achieve in their life, so we place a high value in encouraging our children to develop a love of books early on. We do this through fun and engaging story trays, role-play activities, costumes and repeat reading! Once children know a story well, they will often select the story to re-tell to themselves and their friends.

We also recognise just how important talking is to young children so we regularly set up activities to encourage children to engage with their peers and adults, developing relationships and their vocabulary.

Towards the end of the year, we begin to develop children's awareness of phonics through Read, Write Inc. in order to prepare the foundations for their Reception year. Early mathematics skills are also taught through a range of exciting songs and games, both adult and child initiated. These encourage counting, number recognition and an awareness of shape and measure.

We believe in following the interests of children so that they engage fully in their learning and we explore a range of themes and topics based on children’s interests. The children will develop listening and communication skills through a range of fun and lively phonics activities and will explore mathematics through play-based activities, nursery rhymes and counting games. 

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What their teacher says:

Working with our youngest children in school is such a privilege. To be part of a child's first step in their school learning journey is both exciting and rewarding in so many ways. The natural curiosity of children combined with their enthusiasm for learning and discovering ensures a fun, joy-filled day!
Mrs Parks
Sacriston Academy art

The spring term

Our Spring term starts with a trip into outer space. We will be learning about the different planets in our Solar System, thinking about ways we could travel to and what we might find on them. Thinking about people from the past, we will find out who has helped us to know more about each planet. 

In the second half of the term, ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’ will support us in thinking about the different colours in our world and what we can discover about one. Our Rainbow Café will help us to find food that are different colours and colour themed stories will provide a stimulus for our learning. Very pertinent to the most unusual year we have had, we will look at rainbows and try to create our own through water play and light. 

Across the term, we will become familiar with numbers, practise our counting skills and begin to use the correct language to describe positions and weight. Enjoying stories will continue to play a huge part in our daily routine along with using a range of mark-making tools to develop our pre writing skills on our writing journey. Printing and collage will be our art focus linked to both themes. 

What the children say:

I like playing in the sand because it's got glitter in (Maisey). I like the bricks because I can build (Thomas). I like riding our bikes and playing with cars (Zara).