Year 2

Year 2

It’s the last year in Key Stage 1 and no doubt our most thrilling and important year as children prepare for a new chapter in Key Stage 2. Year 2 brings about deeper knowledge, more responsibility and a ton of valuable and memorable learning experiences that will make school life enjoyable and meaningful. Get ready to learn new times tables, apply fantastical and mind-boggling vocabulary to stories and explore all things horticultural in our school garden!

The engaging topics we study over the year enable the children to develop key knowledge and skills in all subjects through a cross-curricular, imaginative learning approach. 

In mathematics, we use the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme which builds children’s mathematical skills alongside their thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. There are many parts to the lesson, allowing time for children to discuss and develop a range of methods to solve questions and achieve a greater depth of mathematical understanding.

A range of stimulating and topic-based texts are used to teach English. Reading and studying various genres, including poetry and non-fiction books, provide a basis for children to develop their writing skills and imagination alongside improving their spelling, grammar and vocabulary. When used together our Year 2 prove themselves to be talented and passionate writers.

Reading is taught through a systematic approach to phonics using the Read Write Inc. scheme where the children will participate in daily lessons during which their phonic knowledge is developed and applied enabling children to read with fluency and expression. Books are carefully matched to the reading ability of the children to allow them to build their fluency as well as their understanding of the texts they have read.


What the teacher says:

I can’t wait for this year to start; a brand new classroom for us all, with ample amounts of possibilities, fun and learning experiences to be had by both myself and our wonderful class. Let’s make this our best year yet and do everything we can to thrive in our final year of KS1.
Miss White

The summer term

This half term the first topis is 'Land Ahoy!'. We’ll start off by looking at the famous explorer, Captain Cook, and research what discoveries he brought back home after sailing into new lands. We’ll talk about his significance, and of how he impacted people both positively and negatively. Next will be a dip into pirate life, where we’ll discuss the roles and infamous tales told about buccaneers and captains from the seven seas! We’ll make a flag or two, and figure out how to read treasure map keys. Finally, we get to become Grace Darling, and recreate key moments in the story that made her famous. She’ll inspire us to look at lighthouses where we’ll even make our own!

Our second topic is 'Coastline'. We will continue looking at coastlines and oceans with more of a focus on Geography.  We will learn about physical and human features of the UK and focus on Whitby by drawing upon previously learned map reading skills. Hopefully, with the Summer Concert due, a few sea shanties might be on the cards too! We’ll end the term making Beach Huts and having our own visit from the infamous Blackbeard on our Pirate Day! 

What the children say:

I can't wait to start and I think I'm really going to love school this year. (Josh)I have thought loads about school over the summer and I couldn't wait to get back to my teacher and my friends.(Winnie)