Sacriston Academy classroom

Year 3

During the year, the children will have access to a broad and creative curriculum, which provides a thematic approach to learning. This is underpinned by the Cornerstones curriculum. 

They begin the year focusing on the topic of Heroes and Villains tapping into their knowledge of favourite books and films. Real life heroes will be studied so that the children understand that ordinary people can be heroes too. The film ‘Captain Underpants’ as well as ‘101 Dalmations’, are just two of the stories which we will immerse the children in. They will follow the trials and tribulations of an unorthodox superhero and an infamous villain.

Further themes during the year will allow the children to enjoy hearing a wide range of stories. Our first English writing project will see the children create their own comic book/strip based on a Captain Underpants adventure. They will have the opportunity to create their own villain, who will battle with the forces of good.

In maths, children complete work on place value and begin to focus on addition and subtraction. Our aim is for all children to develop mastery across the maths curriculum. By providing hands on experiences with mathematical equipment, followed by using pictorial representations of equipment, mathematical models and images, which will culminate in the use of abstract symbols and numbers, children will thoroughly get to grips with and have a firm understanding of the knowledge, content and skills taught in Year 3. Weekly multiplication and arithmetic lessons will be taught to support recall and skills.

Year 3 children will go swimming throughout the year, as well as enjoying all other forms of PE. A focus on Christianity, as well as other world faiths  - Sikhism during the autumn term - will enable the children to develop understanding and empathy with people who have different beliefs.

What their teacher says:

Children in Year 3 are creative learners who are becoming more and more independent each day. They are enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoy the hands on learning we have introduced this year.
Mrs White

What's happening this term?


In English, we will be looking at ‘The Windmill Farmer’ and exploring genres such as poetry, letters and narrative writing. During our ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ topic, we will also be creating tasty menus and persuasive adverts about our delightful culinary dishes.  


In mathematics, we will be embedding our money skills as we add and subtract amounts to solve problems. This half term we will also be looking at statistics and how information can be displayed in pictograms, bar graphs and tables. We will learn skills to read information displayed in different ways and how to interpret the data to answer questions. Towards the end of the half term, we will be looking at different units of measurement. Through our topic we will learn how to use rulers and scales in real life situations, linking with our healthy food and cooking focus.

Tesco community champions 

Year 3 welcomed Tesco into their classroom this term as they delved into the world of healthy eating. They learnt about natural sugars and the sugars that are added into foods before trying to guess the amount of sugar in popular everyday items we eat. 

Lucy, a Tesco Community Champion, brought in healthy snacks for the class to taste and gave Year 3 some ideas on how to be more healthy. See photos below.

Bouncy eggs and invisible ink 

Year 3 have been investigating the chemical changes of food. We made bouncy eggs by putting eggs into vinegar so that the acid in the vinegar breaks down the shell leaving a membrane. Year 3 had lots of fun testing out a number of bouncy eggs.

Emily said, 'Food goes through processes of change that you can't change back sometimes'. 

Annabelle said, 'The bouncy eggs don't crack like normal eggs because of being in the vinegar.'

We also made invisible ink messages with lemon juice. Once the lemon juice is heated it turns brown because of the chemical reaction and reveals the secret message. 

  • Tesco community champions 
  • Tesco community champions 
  • Tesco community champions 
  • Tesco community champions 

What the children say:

"I really enjoy the challenges we have been doing in maths" - Ben "When we made rockets with balloons it was so much fun" - Lucy "I am excited to find out what happens next in our class story Captain Underpants" – Lucas "My favourite lesson is maths, the work we are doing is always fun" - Logan