Sacriston Academy classroom

Year 3

We are going to be extremely busy this term in Year 3. Our next topic is ‘Flow’ and we will be hopping on an imaginary boat and travelling some of the world’s most majestic rivers, keeping a journal of our course!

In the summer term, after meandering through the world of rivers, we will be discovering a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. We will end the term learning about some of history’s greats and infamous villains! These engaging topics will enable the children to develop key knowledge and skills in all subjects through a cross curricular, imaginative learning approach.

In maths, we are enjoying the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme. This approach builds children’s mathematical skills alongside their thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. There are many parts to our lessons, allowing time for children to explore, discuss and develop a range of methods to solve questions and achieve a greater depth of mathematical understanding. We will also continue to practise our times tables to help prepare us for the new times table test in Year 4!

English will be taught using a range of stimulating and topic-based texts. Reading and studying various genres, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction books, will support children in developing their imagination and creativity in writing. Handwriting is also a big focus for us this year in order to develop our confidence and fluency in class.

What their teacher says:

I am very excited to be teaching in Year 3! Now that the children are in Key Stage 2, I will be giving them a lot more independence. We will be working very hard, but still having lots of fun, as we learn together on this exciting new journey.
Miss Hassan

What the children say:

"I really enjoyed making mud pies in English." (Jessica T) "We liked it when we made the fruit yogurt pots. They tasted really nice." (Kayden and Benjamin) "I love solving problems in maths." (Neve) "I love when we read because it's so quiet and relaxing." (Heidi)

The summer term

We are starting our summer term by discovering a fantastical world of mythical creatures and heroes! We’ll learn and write about Apollo and the other gods who reign from Mount Olympus. We’ll explore the land of Greece, where the sun scorches the wings of Icarus and Helen of Troy inspires the launch of a thousand ships.

In PE, we’ll take part in athletics and practise synchronised battle movements just like the ancient Greeks. Using historical source materials, we’ll research daily life in ancient Greece and learn about epic battles. We’ll read Theseus and the Minotaur and create amazing labyrinths, using positional language to guide others around the maze. On maps of Greece, we’ll plot the journeys made by ancient Greek characters.

Our final half term will be based on the topic of Heroes and Villians. We’ll meet Cruella de Vil to interrogate her about her wicked plans and learn songs about the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. When we’re listening to film music, we’ll consider how sounds are used to make characters appear more villainous. Using fairy tales, we’ll examine the difference between right and wrong and write our own. We’ll also research historical heroes using a variety of source materials and put song lyrics about our favourite heroes to familiar tunes.

In Maths No Problem, we will continue by telling the time using 'a.m.' and 'p.m.', telling time to the minute, using analogue and digital time and telling time by using both the minute and hour hands. We’ll then learn to use the 24-hour clock and clocks using roman numerals. After this, we will be measuring and comparing time in seconds, hours and minutes. Finally, we will then complete this chapter by converting units of time and then finding a number of days in lengths of time. Towards the end of the half term we will look at picture graphs and bar graphs. We will then move onto fractions, angles, shapes and perimeter.

In science, we love investigating! We will start by asking why Icarus fell from the sky. We will also be finding out if magnets are mighty and whether or not we can block magnetism. Then, we will start to wonder why our shadows change and why they chase us.

We will continue to go swimming every Friday.