How many of you can remember Jackanory as a child? Inspiring a love of books is one of the best ways to prepare children for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment through reading. It will bring huge benefits at school and beyond, because being read to early on helps children to understand language, making it easier for them to learn to read themselves later on.

Making storytime part of your daily routine is a great way to make sure that books and reading are a familiar and fun experience for your child. If your child loves a story they’ve seen on screen, make a note of the title and author and see if your local library or bookshop has a copy.  Be warned –children do enjoy the repetition and familiarity of reading the same book over and over again. This is perfectly normal, and they will move on to something else eventually! 

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In the lead up to Christmas 2019, we told 17 wonderful stories which you can watch below: