Here you'll find all of our Sacriston Academy policies in one place, as well as Trust-wide policies that apply to all NELT schools.

North East Learning Trust Policies

You can find all North East Learning Trust policies and admissions information at

Annual reports and accounts

For information regarding annual reports and accounts please visit the North East Learning Trust website here.

Fire safety in North East Learning Trust schools 

We want to reassure parents about the steps we take to make sure our schools are safe.

Our main duty is to ensure that all our school buildings are checked in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which we always do. These checks include: regular fire risk assessments, automatic fire alarm system tests and regular evacuation drills.

We also take regular advice from fire specialist, health and safety professionals at County Durham Council to ensure that our fire safety processes are up to date and that we are following the latest guidance. The Department for Education will also make any necessary recommendations to schools from the findings of the current ongoing fire safety investigations, which we will follow if they apply to our schools.