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Year 5

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To my wonderful year 5 class.

I’m missing all the welcoming smiles and ‘morning Miss’ that I hear as you come through my classroom door each morning! However, I’m sure you are all making everyone at home smile in many ways. I hope you are all enjoying your time with your family and are keeping yourselves safe indoors.

I am able to sing in my house, however, I don’t have any of you to tell me to be quiet! Surprisingly, I am missing that. I am, on the other hand, practicing our song – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I hope you are too! When we return, we will sing it at the top of our voices!

I am trying to start my morning off with Joe Wicks, which many of you will be doing too. You will be pleased to know I am doing well and I am exercising (I know how much you tell me to exercise more!). Let’s do this every morning!

A huge thank you to everyone who is completing the 2do’s set on PurpleMash. Looking over your work and reading your kind comments is making me smile each day. I may not be able to teach you in person right now, however, reading your comments is the next best thing! So please keep them coming when you hand in a 2do and I will be sure to comment back on your work!

I would love to hear about your fun activities or see your amazing creations. Why not choose your own app in PurpleMash to tell me about a fun creation you have made, or write up a diary entry of your day learning from home. I would love to read these, it would be just like sharing news at school (but from home instead)!

I have loved seeing all of your work that you have handed in so far. Why not take a look at some of the fantastic reading vocabulary and review work children have completed? Take a look at some of the fantastic topic work that has been handed in on our 2do’s by the Sacriston Stars in our class. I am super proud and can’t wait to show you more work that you have all completed!

I know how wonderful and kind you all are. Why not set up a treasure hunt around your house for any siblings/family members to find! Leave them clues, you could even make them rhyme! I know how much you all love to read (especially David Walliams) so why not take some time during the day to read to a family member, I’m sure they would love to listen to you read, just like I do in class!

However, most of all, I am very pleased that you are all safe and healthy. As much as I miss our year 5 classroom being filled with laughter, I can’t wait to hear all the stories from you when we return! Look after yourselves and your family, but most of all, have lots of fun and laugh lots!

Miss you all! Miss Paul! xxx

Miss Paul

Pobble 365

Home reading hotline:
From Monday 23 March, Read Write Inc. Phonics has sent up an email hotline for parents and carers helping children learning to read at home:

Oxford Owl for home from Oxford University Press

  • 72 free eBooks matched to Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybooks
  • 62 Speed Sounds practice sheets
  • 28 Ditty practice sheets
  • Parent information booklets
  • 8 Speedy Green Words slideshows

Resources will be on Oxford Owl for Home over the coming days and weeks.Parents and carers will need to login to access eBooks.

Purple Mash

Times Tables Rockstar’s


Oxford Owl

Spelling Shed / Maths Shed

Classroom Secrets


Bedtime Math

Maths Playground

British Sign Language


Charanga Yumu is an online learning space dedicated to supporting students' music-making.

Username: Your username will be your first name and the first initial of your surname followed by your year group all in lowercase. Password: password E.g. John Smith in Reception. Username: johnsrec Jane Smith in Year 1. Username: janesyear1


30 Day Lego Challenge

Origami rabbit activity 

Origami butterfly activity 

BP Education challenges

David Walliams audio stories
For 30 days, popular children's author, David Walliams, will be releasing an audio story from The World's Worst Children here.

Carol Vorderman's 'The Maths Factor'

Art for kids hub

Digital art

How to ride a bike

Sir Linkalot Time - free spelling lessons

Key Stage 2 PSHE 

Being a young leader / Being an advocate 

If your child works with the Speech and Language Team, then visit for lots of speech and language resources, advice and tips for working at home.

Calming bedtime story from CBeebies 

We know it is a very unusual time for us all at the moment that may make us feel worried or anxious. It is important we share our worries, if you have any, talking about them with people you care about can help. You can read a story about a girl who learns that she is not the only person with a worry here

Coronavirus explained for children

PE resources 

Joe Wicks
Starting Monday 23 March, Joe Wicks will be hosting free workouts aimed a children, live from Youtube at 9:00am Monday - Friday.

You don't need any equipment, just tune into the Youtube channel linked below for a fun, 30-minute workout.

If you like dancing try this link: 

If Yoga is your thing, or you want to try something new, these links will help:

Cosmic Kids

Wuf Shanti Mindful Yoga Fun

If you prefer general fitness, prepare to give yourself a real work out with these links:

The Body Coach - 5 Minute Move

Jump Start Jonny - Free activities 

Durham CLS resources 

Active Kids Do Better

POPSUGAR Fitness - Fun family cardio workout

Little Sports - Exercises for children

Sesame Street - Exercises for children

Aspire Active Hub

Youth Sport Trust - Free learning resources

Change 4 Life - Indoor activities

Super Movers - 20-minute active learning programme

Couch to 5k

Jump rope UK 


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